Graduation and Summer Vacation

One of the blogs I read quite regularly is GeekMommy at  She’s one of the Walmart 11 moms, and often has give aways posted on her blog.  Today, I found a post stating she and several other bloggers were working in conjunction with Izea to give away a trip to Orlando here: GeekMommy’s Orlando […]

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High School and LLL but Not La Leche League

This is more personal than I usually get on here.  Normally, since this site is sitting on the Internet where anyone can see it, I prefer to keep things somewhat casual. With the class reunion on my mind lately, something else has been on my mind too. It’s been bothering me for the last 8 years […]

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Future Geeks and Where We’re Headed

Just a really short post tonight, my future geek is cranky and not wanting me to be typing at all.  Guess it’s time to eat and go to bed — he is after all 3 months LOL 🙂 I’ve started contacting old friends from high school though Facebook.  I tried on MySpace, but it was […]

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English Teachers and Writing

When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher published a book titled “No Place But Here” about teaching in rural Vermont.  (Yea, I grew up in rural Vermont, farming country.  The population of cows was higher than the population of humans in the county I lived in. ) His book is funny, […]

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