Getting ready for the holidays

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my crochet projects lately. I’ve actually had to repeat the same projects over and over, since I have a bunch of people I want to make them for lol. I’ve got dishcloths going, and towels with crocheted toppers. I’m actually focusing on being able to […]

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The Twilight Zone and general business

I listened to the most recent podcast for Nerdificent this morning, and now I want to watch the Twilight Zone.  I can remember watching these shows when I was younger, and I found some of them unsettling.  Now, I suspect that I’d probably find them as unsettling, but not as creepy. I have been trying […]

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New podcast list

I’ve talked before about listening to HowStuffWorks poodcasts, including Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.  I hadn’t been listening to much other than the Missed in History podcast, because I started listening from the beginning.  I think I got to the end of November 2017, before I […]

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With a racing heart

LOL not for any real reason.  Just as I read a message on Facebook about a severe thunderstorm warning, the storm was right overhead.  The thunder made me jump and my heart race.  Which makes me think… if the lightning is the dangerous part, why do we call it a thunderstorm instead of a lightning […]

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HTML5, Flash & Gaming

When I first read about the phase out of Flash games, I started to wonder.  Many games on Facebook use Flash.  What would they do about casual gamers like those who play on Facebook? Then I started reading this article (opens in a new window) where MMObility interviews the developers from Illyriad, who have a […]

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Clarification and Other Stuff

Rereading what I wrote last time, I meant that I laughed at the video because I could put myself in the place of the ones at the marriage ceremony that were getting attacked.  I was laughing at myself more than anyone else. I’ve been thinking about my father a lot today.  One of my cousins […]

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Gaming and Marriage (Opens in a new window) No, this post isn’t going to be about what you’d think at first.  There was actually an article on Yahoo! news about getting married online.  That people are getting married in person, then having their characters in online games get married on the game.  Yahoo! is treating it as […]

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A Place to Escape

Though the writing is still slow, I’m spending a lot of time doing nothing much in particular, especially since I bought a laptop from work (they upgraded everyone’s computer to a Windows 7 box, I got a very good deal.  I still need to fix my other laptop, but it’s no longer as urgent).  I […]

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Xen and the Art of Letting Go

Or maybe that’s zen.  I always forget how the word is spelled for a silly reason.  A friend of mine used to use the name Xen when playing morts on the MUD. Work is getting more interesting, but it may be a year before we know anything definite about what’s going to happen.  That means a […]

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A Break for Laughter

Because there has been too much focusing lately on the economic problems.  Funny Videos

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