Tears and anger

So yesterday, ISIS-K attacked the airport near Kabul and killed 13 American soldiers (12 were Marines). The conservative media and conservative politicians went wild blaming Biden. Yet all of these people keep trying to keep anyone from doing anything about COVID with anti mask mandates and discouraging vaccines or even social distancing. My question is […]

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Note, the below is satire. I don’t really believe what it says. Some of the mayors of the bigger cities are trolling Trump. It’s actually a bit funny. I shouldn’t laugh, but he comes off as a racist. Washington DC put the words Black Lives Matter in front of Lafayette Square near the White […]

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This is the way it should go

So, occasionally, I take the time to read the MSN home page. There are always fluff stories, and ones that are biased. I also look at whatever pops up for stories on my Chrome new tab page on my phone, and through Flipboard, which comes with my phone as well – yes, I have a […]

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So a bunch of gun toting idiots stormed the Capitol building in MI today. Maybe it was peaceful, but the state senators didn’t feel that way. It doesn’t really help that our fearless leader, the Mango Mussolini, has encouraged it with his tweet about liberating states with a Democratic governor. If you don’t like what’s […]

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Absolute chaos and tyranny

I try not to get political on here. It’s one of those things I don’t even discuss in real life much. I’m not registered as either Democrat or Republican, I’m a true Vermonter in that I am an Independent. I agree with some things on both tickets. Or at least I always did. Then the […]

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Gullibility at its finest

I’m not going to touch what’s going on in 2 days.  I’m still taking a wait and see attitude.  I might need some popcorn for the show though, since it looks like it’s going to be a doozy.  For all of those who are saying Democrats lost, get over it – remember you didn’t.  Remember […]

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Ok, so I love pretty much all of the podcasts from  Stuff You Missed in History Class? Great.  TechStuff?  Fascinating.  Today, I’m catching up on the podcasts from Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.  I don’t listen to this one as much, but it’s a fun look anyway.  Podcasts on alchemy, cattle mutilation, […]

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Super Tuesday analyais

Bear in mind, I haven’t seen anything on results from today’s primaries. The following is just my thoughts from things I’ve seen on MSN, Yahoo and Google.  I can’t vote today because I’m registered as independent and only Republicans and Democrats can vote for any of the presidential candidates today. I foresee a major crumble […]

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Gun control and mass shootings

Now when the subject of gun control comes up, everyone always gets so upset. You hear a lot of ‘they’re coming to take our guns’ etc. That’s not the answer. Those who say that making guns illegal will ensure only criminals have guns. The answer is much simpler. Make more thorough checks when selling guns. […]

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Mind reading or student of history I swear it seems I know people more than I realize. I guess it just comes from looking at history. I’ve repeatedly told my mother that banning abortions is not a good idea, no matter how much you hate the idea of abortions. Women who would have an abortion are just that desperate, they’ll […]

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