So far away

So I haven’t been posting much.  Since the last time I posted, my oldest, my Marine left for deployment.  He’s overseas, and momma’s kinda worried about him, even if she doesn’t write him as much as she should. I hate having him so far away, another time zone, across the world.  I keep wanting to […]

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The Art of Looking Back

For the last week or so, I’ve caught myself looking at things that happened in the past with a lot of regret. I see mistakes I’ve made and wonder if I made the best choice in the situation. I’ve been thinking that I might make a different choice knowing what I know now. I see […]

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Since Christmas time is coming, I thought I’d share something that is on our bulletin board at work.  Whether or not you support the war in Iraq, we need to support our troops.   They and others like them are the reason we are able to speak freely.   But more on that in a minute. Since […]

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