Thought associations

So, like most big companies, we have a water cooler and big bottles of water delivered.  Many of the others in the office will empty the bottle but leave it on the cooler.  It’s annoying, but I can deal. I actually get a giggle most of the time, because dealing with the water bottles makes […]

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So somehow, sometime, I managed to subscribe to a preppers site on Facebook. It’s got some interesting things that come across my feed as a result. For some of it, I just roll my eyes and scroll past. Like the composting toilet, which is illegal in many areas anyway. Sometimes it posts things that are […]

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Awww, man

I had a long conversation with someone at the place where I buy my local honey.  Apparently, the drought in OK is part of why there’s no possibility of local maple syrup.  You’d have to go through way too much water to be able to get enough sap to make syrup.  I haven’t done enough research to […]

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Pretty much everyone at work is signed up to get emails from the head of the local emergency management agency.  The agency that sends out notices when the weather is foul, or the wind is going in circles and touching the ground. On Friday, I got a kick out of reading his email.  It was […]

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Hey, 3 days in a row, anyone shocked yet?  Probably 🙂 I went so long without posting at all. I’ve been looking into Homesteading lately.  Mostly because I’m frustrated with work and would love to be able to get by on just my husband’s income so I could stay home. Though a dear friend has […]

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Progress in the yard

Today, while my husband was working on fixing some of the ‘headers’ and ‘king studs’ in the house, I was working in the yard.  I picked the biggest pile of branches and leaves to start cutting everything up and clearing it out.  I didn’t get the plastic bin that I had planned, but it appears […]

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Go to your corners

After the drama earlier this week with politics, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking we need to start treating these politicians like children.  Maybe it’s time for them to go back to school and learn about sharing or compromise.  Grr, it’s aggravating that they have so much control over what happens when they […]

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From the files of: It takes brains…. mmmm, brains

Ok, so this is a few weeks old at this point, but I got a kick out of reading it on Slashdot when it first came out. I even went to the source and read some of the first and second report written by the IPCC, or at least the parts that were referenced […]

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Doh! (in Homer Simpson’s Voice lol)

I obviously haven’t been keeping up with the national news.  A week after my last postm I see the picture of Michelle Obama digging for a garden and the information that they’re encouraging everyone to plant one.  Oops! *edit, I just found this in my drafts dated 3/26.  I thought I published it, but I […]

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Money and the Environment Redux

I have a couple of tips today.  The first one was one that I got in my email this morning that I hadn’t thought about in awhile.  Ideal Bite sent out an email reminding everyone that you use less printer ink if you set your printing to Draft when the print quality doesn’t matter.  Save […]

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