Time for some Yum

When we were in Vermont last month, one of the places that I decided we needed to stop was Al’s French Frys.  It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there – at the time I was still married to my oldest son’s father. When we were up there, we stayed at a resort in […]

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Ugh craptastic

So, we get from Oklahoma to New York, and the clutch went out. On a Sunday. In the middle of the interstate off ramp. We had to pay for a tow, then a hotel. I walked the .5 miles to the dealership at 7:30 am. They couldn’t look at it until after noon. Total cost […]

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I like to move it, move it

I might actually have gotten my hosting moved.  I’ve been trying to get everything done for a week, so we’ll see.  I have until 6/9 to test it out, and then my old hosting is going away.  I’m paranoid that I’m going to lose something with this site.  The rest, they are just simple designs […]

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Taste of Home

There’s a local cooperative that sells meat, vegetables and a bunch of other products from around here.  Everything is organic, and local.  They have a school bus that’s been repurposed and redesigned inside to have shelves and freezers. Since my allergies are so bad here in OK, I try to buy honey from them.  I […]

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High School and LLL but Not La Leche League

This is more personal than I usually get on here.  Normally, since this site is sitting on the Internet where anyone can see it, I prefer to keep things somewhat casual. With the class reunion on my mind lately, something else has been on my mind too. It’s been bothering me for the last 8 years […]

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English Teachers and Writing

When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher published a book titled “No Place But Here” about teaching in rural Vermont.  (Yea, I grew up in rural Vermont, farming country.  The population of cows was higher than the population of humans in the county I lived in. ) His book is funny, […]

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Real Vermonters

I was looking for a picture of the grade school I went to in the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont.  When I’ve been talking to a few people here in Oklahoma, they’ve said they grew up in a small town.  Well, not many towns are smaller than Barton, VT.  According to, the village of Barton has […]

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