Future Geeks, Partisanship and Travel Plans

I’m writing this tonight with my future geek sitting on my lap.  He wants to be held and the only way I can manage that tonight is to sit him on my lap looking at the computer.  He’s starting to get fussy though, so this is a quick post. I’ve been doing more looking at […]

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Money and the Environment Part II

First, just a small and easy thing to do.  It’s not much but it’ll add up.  When you go to the bank drive through, reuse the envelope they send the money in.  That’s one less envelope that’ll be put in the trash.  I have several envelopes from my Credit Union in my purse that I […]

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Heat Sinks, Server Patches and More Sour Grapes

My laptop has been OOC (out of commission) for several weeks now.  I think it was just before Christmas when the heat sink & fan died.  I bought one off eBay, but the frelling seller sent me something other than I ordered and I can no longer get a response from him… when I got […]

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Tweets, Twits and Twitter

Last night when doing some research on Web 2.0 for an article, I decided to join twitter.  Apparently, I joined about 4 hours after my son joined because he was one of the first to be put on the list of people I’m following.  So far, I have 9 people I’m following outta curiousity, including […]

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Money and the Environment

Ok, so I got too busy this week to post the green suggestions like I said I was going to.  Right now I’m trying to share a computer with my 17 year old… not fun at all 😛  However, when I was looking for an environmental tip to post tonight, I found one that will […]

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A New Song

This song is on a serious subject, but I find it funny.  Let me know what you think.  I found it on the Natural News website at I Want My Bailout Money by Michael Adams – The Health Ranger I’ll put it in a player tomorrow.  Hubby has already started watching In the Name […]

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Sour Grapes and Other Clips

Just a few notes tonight while I’m trying to wind down.  I haven’t been posting much, but that’s partially the joy and pain of having a newborn around.  I’ve also been swamped between writing assignments for the company I write for and going back to work.  And my laptop has been down for the count, […]

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