Automaker Problems

Just a note before I start with today’s entry, I’m aware that is down.  I should be able to get it fixed tomorrow.   So when I opened my Yahoo! email last night, I saw that the Fed (namely Paulson) is against a bailout for the automakers.  Honestly, this makes me crabby.  It was so […]

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Election Day

I was lucky, no one said a word either way at my work, even though I’m in a very Republican state. I expected to hear a lot of sour grapes, but I didn’t hear anything. On the other hand, some online friends of mine are upset. They think that Obama’s tax plan is going to […]

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The Line Between Black and White

I was talking to a friend of mine in MO last week.  She said that she’s been getting a lot of robo-calls from the Republican party.  At least one of these robo calls was recorded by Rudy Giuliani.  According to her, all of the robo calls have been nasty, mud slinging packs of lies.  Each […]

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