PETA’s request for Ben & Jerry’s So, apparently PETA is trying to convince Ben & Jerry’s to make their ice cream out of breast milk.  Umm I just have to say it… eww! Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding your kids.  The thought of eating something made out of someone else’s breastmilk […]

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“How Dare You?”

Ok, so my ex would have a fit about this one.  My son sent me the following link to a website that has excerpts from the Colbert Report.—how-dare-you His comment was that if he could vote, he’d vote democrat (he’s 17, so another year yet).  Considering his father is a die hard republican, I […]

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Bailing a Sinking Ship

We’ve been seeing it coming.  All of the mortgage issues have compounded to where we don’t know what company is going to have problems next.  One of the political candidates finally admitted what the rest of us has known for awhile, our economy is in trouble.  But this isn’t really a political post.  McCain is […]

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Palin and Christianity

What I’ve been reading about Palin lately has seriously disturbed me, just not for the reasons that everyone would think.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with a lot of what she says.  I believe that abortion is a personal choice, and that our right to say what someone else can and cannot do stops at their personal bodies.  […]

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McCain’s Fundamental Error

Another taboo subject… politics.  I generally don’t talk much about it simply because it’s one of those things that gets people all riled up.  Politics and religeon.   I have to think though that McCain didn’t think through his choice of a Vice Presidential candidate.  I read somewhere that he only talked to her once before […]

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