Know your job

So we looked outside around 11 and saw a floral ahop van in the parking lot. It looked like they were landscaping the front area. I went outside at lunch and they really need to learn how to landscape. There was still grass and weeds growing in the area. They barely touched the plants. They […]

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Good PR

So I may not always like the company I work for, but they do try. We just got an internal email, they’re donating $10,000 to the Red Cross, and bringing¬† about 30 cases of food to Moore today. The food they’re bringing doesn’t need to be cooked, and I’m sure it’ll go fast. They also […]

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Name them one by one

I started to get irritated this morning.¬† I reached my year at my new job, and promptly lost 12 hours of vacation time. I got my new 2 weeks, but they only rolled over 40 of the 52 hours I still had from last year. My boss is seeing what can be done, but I’m […]

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Looking back

I’ve been doing some looking back with my birthday tomorrow. I was thinking last night, how I always put an emphasis on the day. I used it as a deadline for things I wanted – for someone to ask me out, for a job or to hear back from the college of my choice. None […]

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