Ok, so I figured after my last post that I’d check the fan site at CBS to see what was said about Warrick/Gary coming back next year.  What I read is that he’s definitely going to be around for Season 9.  He plead guilty to the drug charges and will need to participate in a […]

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Who Are You?

I don’t very often comment on tv shows or Hollywood.  I’m not much of a tv watcher.  There are more interesting things to do with my brain.  Plus, the actors are entitled to their private lives.  I think it’s sick how much the media follows them around.    The other day, I read that William Peterson is leaving CSI: Crime […]

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Ethanol Requirements

Recently, Oklahoma has started requiring that all gas stations post whether they are selling gasoline mixed with ethanol.  One of the local gas stations has only posted that they may or may not have ethanol in the gasoline.  Since my husband and I have noticed a difference with our mileage, and my car isn’t made […]

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I had to laugh the other day.  First, I saw an open letter from someone in the Corn Refiners Association on the Food Consumer website Letter to the Editor from the Corn Refiners Association.  This person was nice enough to try to say that there is no difference betwen High Fructose Corn Syrup and other types of […]

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Starting with You

So lately, I’ve had lots of ideas for my blog, but by the time I get home, I forget them.  I can’t even remember any of them now.  About normal for me, my brain isn’t working correctly right now, and probably won’t for awhile yet.  It’s called stress, life has lots of it.  One of […]

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