I’m not gone

I was on a webinar late last week, talking about publishing on Amazon. It was interesting, but a lot of information.

I was also working on a crochet project a friend paid me to do. Then I had to go to a financial planner to get something set up for the 401k from my last job.

All of this means I didn’t get my normal things done those days – I didn’t put in job applications. I didn’t work on my Udemy course, or the work/refresher on copywriting. I have blocks of time set for everything.

I had to add time to write my stories that I used to write. I forgot how much I enjoy writing.  I’ve got the story I’m working on outlined. I’ve got the characters fleshed out. I’ve got the location determined and made notes on average temperatures. I am working on it at least 15 minutes a day. The nest step is to pad the outline more and start writing the story.

Anyway, back at it. Laterness and g’nite.

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