Smarter than she seems

We have two dogs. One of them is little and mouthy. You can tell her something and it’ll seem like she’s talking back to you. One day I’ll have to record her and post it for the giggles.

Anyway, it often seems like she is the dumb one of our dogs. She does odd things all the time. She’ll sometimes get the chain tangled. We were playing Ticket to Ride last week, and she kept walking across the board. The other dog laid herself across the board.

Last week, the little dog proved she’s smarter than it seems.

First, my son fed the dogs, but forgot to get them water. She brought the water bowl in to the living room to show it was empty.

Then, we gave both dogs treats. The little one hid hers in the front room. The big one put hers down in the middle of the floor. After they watched us eat – we don’t feed them, but they watch anyway – the little dog got the treat that the other dog put down. My daughter went to get her treat to give to the big dog.

After she finished her treat, she went into the front room to go get her treat. She thought she was going to get two.

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