Wire Framing websites and Friends

Today, I’m really missing my web developer job, and the coworkers I had back then. I am working my way through a web development boot camp on Udemy, and she started touching on wire framing websites. This is a technique that I haven’t used in years, but it helps you determine the layout of a website you’re developing, and make sure that the flow makes sense.

Since my current sites are blogs, I really don’t need to use it. But if/when I get back into web design, I will.

The teacher brought up a site called Balsamiq. With this site, you can do the wire frame for your website. I started to geek out about this site, but unless you design websites, it wouldn’t really matter.

But it just made me think about how much one of my former coworkers would have loved the site. He would have gone on and on like I almost did.

Since this person died in 2006, I’ve realized how important it is to hold your friends close.

In the last month, there have been multiple deaths that have hit close to home. My step-son’s mother died. A friend from work died. Several people at church, including one baby. The week after my step-son’s mother died, the pastor at church said that he had 9 funerals coming up. Then the friend from work died, and he’ll be doing her funeral as well.

Keeping friends close and treasure the time you get with them. It doesn’t last long enough.

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