I subscribe to a newsletter from Popular Information. From everything I can tell, he’s apolitical, which I like, since I’m a political independent. I like how Judd and his team investigate corporations, their political donations, their corporate messaging and comparing it to everything reported in SEC filings.

For example, corporations promised not to donate to congress people who endorsed and even encouraged the insurrection and treason on January 6th, 2021. There are a number of them who have started donating to these people again. They think no one is paying attention.

This time, he’s addressing the inflation, and the stories that we’ve been hearing that it’s because of Biden’s infrastructure plan that hasn’t even taken effect yet, and using it as a reason not to endorse the build back better program.

That’s not the real reason that prices are going up.

Yeah, that’s not much of a surprise. They’re squeezing at both ends to give themselves record profits.

Anyway, just a note tonight. I’ve got a bunch of work to do since I spent the day doing not much other than watching Doctor Who and knitting lol.

Laterness and g’nite.

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