Mairzy doats

Tonight I have this silly song stuck in my head. It’s one that I first heard when I was living in Branson. A good friend had me listen to it one day at work. I’m going to paste the YouTube link below for tonight. I’ll try to figure out how to embed it later. It’s harder from my phone.

I really miss the friend who showed this song to me. He had named his dog after a line in the song. She was Liddle Lambsied Ivy, or Ivy for short.

He was one of my closest friends. He died in 2006. I miss talking to him and asking his advice even 14 years later. I miss talking to his wife too. Since he died, she and I have fallen out of touch.

I think the song is in my head tonight to remind me that I’m not stuck in a job that makes me unhappy. There are things I can do to change my life even now.

I miss the web development work I did back in Branson. I even miss the writing I was doing 10 years ago. I just haven’t been very creative lately.

It might be time for me to start looking at my options instead of letting myself just slide by with the minimum like I’m doing right now.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to make some changes in how I do things. I’m more worried about money than I was back then, but I can work around that and still be happy.

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