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So, after boasting about my middle child and only daughter programming a robot for her STEM class final, my youngest is applying to be in Robotics club.

Apparently, they only have 10 kids total who can do it, and only 2 out of the 4th grade – the remaining 8 will be out of the 5th grade. We haven’t heard yet if he made it into it, but I think it’s cool that he’s showing interest.

One of these days, I need to find the book that I bought myself years ago. I know it’s out of date some, but it was something about how to made my own robot.  Most of it includes buying some of the stuff from places that I didn’t have access to at the time.  That’s one of the downfalls of it being before the Internet, and I lived in Northeastern Vermont.  There wasn’t much around back then.  Now it’d be much easier for me to find the parts I need.  I make no guarantees that I’ll do it, but I think it’d be good to work on it with both kids. They have the interest.

I also got some programming and logic games for the youngest for Christmas. If I can get the dog to leave us alone while sitting on the floor, then maybe we can start out with that. I want to encourage my kids to learn all of this, even though the girl wants to be a vet, or a chef. She hasn’t quite decided.  At 13, she has time. The youngest wants to be an engineer.  His older brother knew what he wanted at 9 as well. He wanted to be a computer programmer.  He hasn’t been far off with that.

It is getting late, but I haven’t been updating as often as I originally planned.  So, I’m taking it a bit at a time and going to do what I’m supposed to. That means that I’m going to write as often as I can, and I’m going to do what I need to.  I also write on, but I don’t think that my profile is public. Actually, since I write about what’s on my mind, I really hope it’s not LOL. There are things I say there, that I wouldn’t stay here.

Since it’s well after midnight.  I’m going to say laterness and g’nite.

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