Ugh craptastic

So, we get from Oklahoma to New York, and the clutch went out. On a Sunday. In the middle of the interstate off ramp.

We had to pay for a tow, then a hotel. I walked the .5 miles to the dealership at 7:30 am. They couldn’t look at it until after noon. Total cost was quoted at $1800 not counting the tow and unexpected hotel stay (I had already sent my portion of the cost of the resort).

So we traded the car. Got something cute, but crappier gas mileage. The funeral is tomorrow, now today (Tuesday). We were stuck if we were going to make it to the memorial.

I’ll adjust. I liked the dealership. They bent over backwards for us, considering that I was upside down on the car and they had a huge repair to do.

The master cylinder/slave cylinder is a problem on Dodge Darts for 2013 to 2015. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the car since my last trip to New York. It was sticky at the end of that trip. I don’t feel cheated by the dealership, just discouraged.

I missed out on a day and a half with family. I spent my older sister’s birthday without my family around. It may be the 2nd birthday after she died, but I think it was harder not being in my normal routine.

It’s just been an overwhelming couple of days, and I’m not sure tomorrow’s memorial service for my stepdad will help. I’ll get through it though.

Signal is spotty, so I’ll be hit or miss, but it will be nice to be at the lake again. Relaxing will be nice 🙂

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