Latency issuers and vaporware

Or lag, lol

I’m trying to get my mind off how long it’s taking to come up with the money for the electrical work that needs to be done at the house. I’ve been spending so much money on sheet rock and appliances, I haven’t saved anything. I can’t get too mad, my back window has been replaced, and I paid $100 for a water heater and $200 for a fridge. So I’ve been listening to podcasts from

I started out listening to one called ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’ then started looking at the other podcasts they have on the app I downloaded. My new favorite is either ‘Tech Stuff’ or ‘Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.’

It’s all so fascinating.  I told my son that I found my new dream job. I was joking, but I’d love to do the research for some of these articles. 

Anyway, not a lot more to add. We are waterlogged but we haven’t floated away yet. We did go from a severe drought to abnormally dry in one week. Life isn’t bad, but home life is stressful with living with family for more than 3 years. The light is still there at the end of the tunnel, it’s just sometimes hard to see it. I sometimes wonder if it’s juat a hyperactive child with a glow stick though 🙂

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