There’s no place like home

All the work we’ve done on the house over the last few years, and it’s getting close to being done.  It’s not done though, and I’ve got what seems like a lot to do to get it finished.

The framing is now done and inspected.

The electric is now roughed in and inspected.  We still need what they call the ‘top out’ where they put in the outlets and switches.

The plumbing is now roughed in and inspected. We still need the ‘top out’ where they put in the fixtures.

The insulation is now in on the walls and inspected.  It’s not on the ceiling yet.

We’ve done a lot of work with drywall, at least 4 weeks’ worth, and I need to buy more to finish the bathroom.  We have both bedrooms, the office, the living area and the kitchen done.  They started on the back room last Sunday.

With it being so close to being done, I’m tempted to move in once we finish the drywall in the bathroom.  We’ll have to put in a shower head and get the water turned on  We’ll have to get fixtures in the kitchen sink.  We’ll need to get a new stove if our current one doesn’t work.  We’ll need a hot water heater.

All this stuff is going through my mind.  Then I wonder why I can’t relax enough to sleep at night.  I bought some tea that’s supposed to help me relax and turn off my brain.  Of course, I keep forgetting to make any to drink. Tonight I’m hoping that blogging will help.  Things are too crazy where we are.

Once we get in the house, we can keep working on it.  We can do a little at a time until we’re done.  We’ll need to get doors and more insulation and all sorts of stuff that I don’t want to think about.  We need to put in a loft for the bedroom for my hubby and I.

I’m more discouraged than anything right now because we did have a stove and refrigerator.  I don’t think the stove will work because it’s been getting hit with the weather because my garage had a hole in the wall that I didn’t know about until about 6 weeks ago.  The fridge didn’t work once we got it plugged in.  The compressor stopped, though it worked when we bought it.

I just need to focus on the good parts and remember we’re closer than we have been at any time in the past.

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