Oh my… You either laugh or cry

So, as a joke in 2007, I posted that I wanted Bernie Sanders to run for president.  (link is here – opens in a new window).

Now, Yahoo! says that he’s considering running for president.  He also said if he does, he’ll run to win. (link is here – opens in a new window).

Does this mean I’m prescient?

I doubt it.  I’d say it means that he’s gotten more popular over the years, and that he now thinks he has his name out there enough to win.  However, when I voted in the 2000 election, I was told that if I didn’t vote for one of the major party candidates (Bush or Gore), that I was throwing my vote away.  I have to wonder how many people feel like that and wouldn’t vote for Sanders as a result.

He is one of the few independents in the senate, though he used to be in the House of Representatives.  Before that, Jim Jeffords was one of the 2 Vermont Senators, and he switched to independent from being a Republican.

What can I say? Vermonters have an independent streak a mile wide.  Just ask anyone who knows me 😉


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