With a racing heart

LOL not for any real reason.  Just as I read a message on Facebook about a severe thunderstorm warning, the storm was right overhead.  The thunder made me jump and my heart race.  Which makes me think… if the lightning is the dangerous part, why do we call it a thunderstorm instead of a lightning storm?

My mind is wandering all over right now.  I’ve seen some bad news on Facebook, and my mind keeps worrying at it.  Two friends of mine were diagnosed with cancer.

One was the pastor of the church where I grew up.  He was the pastor when our trailer burned when I was 16.  If I remember right, he had a scanner, so heard the call for the fire department to go to the trailer.  He made it out there and picked up my sister and I, which was a good thing since we both had to leave the house in our pajamas in the middle of November with about 1′ of snow on the ground.  It doesn’t sound so bad, except my sister only had slippers and I was barefoot.  Snow is very cold when you’re barefoot 😉  We stayed at the parsonage for a couple of weeks until a big enough apartment came open at one of my parents apartment houses.  I still love Janice and Roger dearly, as well as their younger 3 – I don’t know their oldest as well.  They were like a second set of parents to me until they moved away about a year later.

The other one recently diagnosed was a friend from when I was working as a SysAdmin in North Carolina.  Paul and his wife Nancy were very good friends to me while I was there.  They owned a gaming store that Nancy ran, and they got me involved in gaming again.  Real gaming, not just online gaming like I had been doing.

All these thoughts are going through my mind with Paul’s and Roger’s health.  My prayers are with them and their families as they go through this.

Laterness and g’night.  I’ll try to post again tomorrow, since I do have more to say.  But I’m working 12 hour shifts until Sunday, so it may not happen until then.

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