Like arguing with a brick wall

I started writing this April 30th and got sidetracked and discouraged.

It’s frustrating sometimes reading the press releases from big companies.  The company I work for had a big article in the paper talking about how they’re moving a bunch of jobs from Oklahoma to the corporate office.  The press release said flat out that it wasn’t affecting jobs here.  Nevermind the 10+ people who have lost their job, and at least another 10 who have had to move or lose theirs.

Instead, they were saying the moves only affect people in Edmond, OK.


I started reading the paper while I was out in public – at the local coffee shop where I sometimes stop.  I started yelling, then took a deep breath and put the paper back on the counter.  The barista said something about arguing with the paper, and I said I was arguing with the people who wrote the press release instead.

One of the things the article said was that our town wasn’t going to be affected financially.  Except when asked, it suddenly changed to the company wasn’t going to be affected financially.

It’s like talking to a brick wall.  I understand that the number of jobs lost here in town is small in the grand scheme of things, but it’s just so frustrating to have the whole situation downplayed like we don’t matter at all.

Of course, I’ve been offered another job within the company, so I”m no longer affected, but still.  I feel ignored.

That’s why I wrote an anonymous question for the town hall meeting this week.  I asked why they were willing to get rid of that much regulatory knowledge.  Let’s see what they say, if I even hear it since I’ll be out of town training my replacement this week.

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