Gotta love the irony

I got a job search email from LinkedIn today.  In it, it says that my company is looking for people like me…

Yea, they are.  They were trying to convince me to move to Cincinnati, OH.  I don’t feel right moving so far away with a step-son who needs his father living here.  He graduates in 5 years, maybe then I’ll change my mind.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what I want to do.  They keep talking about wanting to extend my time there again, but I haven’t heard anything definite.  It’s now down to about 4 weeks to go.  This could get interesting.

Someone at one of the plants wants to offer me a job.  My only issue is that I have 2 kids under 10 and can’t work weekends if my husband is working.  So what do I do?  So far, I haven’t heard anything official from him either.

I hate being in limbo.  Yet, the company I work for is looking for employees.

And the stress had me falling asleep at 7 last night.

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