Shopping around

At some point very soon, I’m going to have to wipe the hard drive on my laptop and reinstall Windows.  The main problem is, I bought it used from work and got the key for this copy of Vista since it came with the computer, but I don’t think I have an installation disc for Vista.  That should make things fun.

I’m not sure a total wipe will help anyway, I heard a rattling near my fan when I rebooted earlier.

I think I need to find a place where I can upload the files I want to keep so I don’t lose them when I reboot.  I’ve got another doorstops that I need to somehow access and get files off it too.

Anyway, it’s late.  I’m tired.  I’m frustrated by the laptop that is going out.  Maybe I should just buy brand new this time. I just don’t really want Windows 8, and am no longer as familiar as I used to be with Linux.

Laterness & g’night.

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