Christopher Columbus

The Oatmeal had something interesting to say about Christopher Columbus.  Since Monday is Columbus Day – and Canadian Thanksgiving, I’d rather celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving was always a time for family to get together, and I’m missing my family big time, so that’s why I’d prefer to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

In other news, I figured out why it supposedly costs so much to build a house in this town.  You get the house framed, and you need an inspection.  You get it wired, you need an inspection.  You get the insulation in, you need an inspection.  Again when you get the sheet rock in before you start taping the cracks. Again when you finish.  And each inspection costs money.

But our wiring is done, so we’re getting there.  We need to get the framing done so we can get that inspection done.

I’m so looking forward to having everything done once and for all.

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