No, the title of my post doesn’t mean I’m lonely, not really.

My Marine son posted a picture today, and it made me realize how much he’s grown up.  I haven’t seen him in over 18 months.  In that time, he’s been deployed to Afghanistan.  He’s been on training exercises. He’s been changing. And he’s been weight lifting – as evidenced by the picture he uploaded tonight.  I swear his biceps are huge.

In all, he’s been growing up, and I miss my boy.  We haven’t spoken much since he came back from Afghanistan.  It’s partially my fault, I know.  I’m never sure if he’s busy, if I”m going to interrupt anything if I call. So I don’t call.

Make that it’s mostly my fault.

And tonight, I’m missing the inside jokes we used to tell, where we could say just one or two words and bust out laughing, and we’d make my husband roll his eyes.   Yea, I’m a geek and I married a non-geek.  On the other hand, my oldest is another gamer geek.

My youngest started pre-k last month, and I’m sure that’s part of why I want to turn back time.  I can remember my oldest starting school.  I can remember the book his pre-k teacher bought him, which I quoted on Facebook on his 22nd birthday.

And my middle child is having problems with 3rd grade.  My oldest had problems with 3rd grade, but for a different reason – or maybe partially for the same reason. I’m going to have to fight for her like I fought for him, pushing to make the school help me help her.

Maybe it’s just the whole getting older thing. I wish I could keep them young forever 😛

Laterness & g’nite.

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