Roller Coasters

I keep seeing jokes about how people who ride on roller coasters end up getting sick.  I’ve never gotten sick on a roller coaster, even when my jaw was broken and I had to convince the carnies that I could ride the rides while my jaw was wired shut.

Real roller coasters are fun.  My life and emotions lately… not so much.

The house we bought is paid off.  Yay 🙂

It seems like we’re never going to get the money together to pay the electrician and plumber. Boo 🙁

We’ve got the windows mostly done, or at least the ‘king studs’ and ‘headers’ on them.  We’re working on the doors.  Yay! 🙂

We need to pay an exterminator to get rid of the wasps since our traps aren’t working. Boo 🙁

We’re making progress on saving money. Yay! 🙂

The niece is driving us crazy and we need to be in our own place yesterday. Boo 🙁

Up and down.  I think I”m getting dizzy.  I spent a lot of time on a built in cabinet in the bathroom, and I”m not even sure if the electrician is going to want that cabinet out.

I was trying to find a non-poisonous way to get rid of the weeds growing too close to the house, and sprayed them with vinegar.  I think I attracted the wasps back after paying over $100 for the exterminator.  I’m debating getting a trowel and a kneeling pad and just digging everything up.  I don’t want to spray poison where the kids play.

Right now, my emotions are down in the pits.  My sister’s birthday is this week, and I miss my family.  I think maybe it’s time for sleep. Morning comes too early these days.

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