Working faster

I splurged yesterday and bought two things that will make my life a whole lot easier while working on the house.

The first might be obvious.  I decided that I was making enough trips with the banana box full of leaves and branches that I’d do well to get a garden cart instead.  That will make things so much easier as I continue to clean the front yard.

The second isn’t going to be as obvious because I haven’t said a lot about the other work I’m doing.  The kitchen cabinets were all wood, and were in very good condition, though they were filthy like the rest of the house. I bought sand paper and was using a multi tool to take the paint off the cabinets.  Of course, it was taking over 3 hours for 1 square foot, so I needed something easier.

Yesterday I bought a heat gun.  I couldn’t find mine in storage.  Let me tell you, I got so much done in an hour that I really think I’m going to be able to refinish those cabinets so much faster.  Some of the parts I’m going to have to replace, but the rest I’ll be able to sand and varnish and they’ll turn out exactly like I’m wanting.  Once the wall is in, I’ll put them in and they’ll be gorgeous.

With the paint gun, I”ll be able to refinish the wood cabinets in both bathrooms as well.  My next splurge is going to be a shop vac so I can get some of the debris cleaned up before we start putting in walls.  It’s still going to be awhile before I need to do that.

Oh, and my so-called tulips?  I should have looked more closely at the leaves, they were gorgeous yellow daffodils.  I’ll have to see if I get more blooms, so I can post a good picture.  I still have a number of bunches of leaves that I can’t figure out what they are – especially since there aren’t any flowers yet, and some flowers that remind me of hyacinth, but with fewer blossoms on the stems.

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