Hey, 3 days in a row, anyone shocked yet? ¬†Probably ūüôā I went so long without posting at all.

I’ve been looking into Homesteading lately. ¬†Mostly because I’m frustrated with work and would love to be able to get by on just my husband’s income so I could stay home.

Though a dear friend has pointed out that me staying home would include me bored out of my mind.  I think this friend just knows me too well. LOL

Then again, there’s always gaming and writing to keep myself occupied. ¬†Not to mention, working on a garden and whatever else is involved in homesteading (I really need to check into it – but our place is only 1/2 acre, not big enough for animals, not even chickens, so if Homesteading includes raising chickens, I may have to scrap that idea lol).

On the other hand, I will be starting a garden, most likely of the square foot variety.  With the quality of the fresh veggies you get at the store, and the price of said veggies, I think I need an alternative.

That’s why I started mulching old branches. ¬†I’ll have to level the ground in the back yard and replant the grass as I can.

I’ll do the landscaping little by little as well. ¬†I’m really planning on turning it into a work of art, just because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. ¬†I need to find a place where I can buy statuary, tho hubby won’t be happy mowing around it. We’ll just have to move it when we mow.

There’s another snow storm coming tonight. ¬†School is already cancelled for tomorrow and nothing has hit yet.

And as much as I’m putting off going to sleep because I don’t want to work tomorrow, I already know they’re not closing the office. ¬†Besides, I won’t be able to permanently avoid the power play going on, the one that I’m caught in the middle of. ¬†I’m just going to have to ride everything out, and try to remember that it’s a steady paycheck, and the paycheck is what matters.

Now if they’d just let me work from home once the youngest starts pre-k next year. ¬†Or else I need to really get my writing done.

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