Not so much – Yard work on hold

So, I obviously haven’t posted much for the last month.  I started clearing out another area of brush, and I have pictures of the before this time.  But the last few weekends have been a bit cold for me to work outside.  So I’ve been inside (we have the windows covered in plastic and a working fireplace, even though we don’t have any walls or other ways of heating the inside), or at least inside on the days that have been in the 50’s.

While inside, I’ve been working on refinishing the kitchen cupboard.  This has been a very time consuming problem.  First, they are custom made of hard wood.  Second, the shelves are covered with a thick layer of paint and then a layer of contact paper.  Everything has been hardened until it’s almost concrete.

I spent about 1.5 hours one day, and got about a square foot scraped.  But, it’s more than 6 feet long, and has 3 shelves for one 2′ side.

I spent another 3 hours on the cupboard on Monday, since I had the day off work.  This time, I managed to get about 2 sqft. I also started taking the cupboard apart to make it easier to scrape.  I can very easily put it back together and make sure it’s sturdy.

This weekend, I’m going to pick up a heat/paint gun.  It’ll help me go faster than using the multi-tool that we got from Sears.  Though the multi-tool has a scraper attachment and a sand paper attachment, I’ve managed to gouge the wood, using the scraper attachment.  Just using sand paper takes too long.  So I’ll get a heat gun with a scraper attachment.

Hopefully that’ll mean pictures of the finished cabinet soon.  I’m going to leave it natural wood color and polyurethane it to protect it.  The walls will be apricot/peach colored to complement the cabinets, and hubby’s grandfather has already refinished the doors and coated them with polyurethane.

Inside the house, we have about 5′ more to finish out the last wall, and we have to put headers on I think 7 doors and/or windows, and put in about 4 more ‘king studs’ (studs that go beside the windows from the floor to the ceiling joists.  Apparently, these weren’t required when the older part of the house was built, so we need to add them now to get the house inspected, especially since they tore the walls out before we bought the house.

I should have a more exciting update on Sunday, if the snow and ice melt.  I haven’t looked at a forecast, so if it stays around 20 degrees, I’m not going to work on the house or the yard.

On the other hand, I really need to get back and check on the tulips that I found in the yard.  The last snowfall didn’t kill them, I hope this one didn’t either.  I found other flowers coming up, but have no idea what they are.  I’ll have to do a search online and compare the pictures.

Please enjoy my tulip stems lol.


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