Progress in the yard

Today, while my husband was working on fixing some of the ‘headers’ and ‘king studs’ in the house, I was working in the yard.  I picked the biggest pile of branches and leaves to start cutting everything up and clearing it out.  I didn’t get the plastic bin that I had planned, but it appears that was a good thing anyway, there was way more than the size of the container that I picked up.   Since we’re in Oklahoma, I put the mulch behind the shed under some smaller trees.  Hopefully, moving everything so far from the original location will mean the wind can’t blow it back where it started.  LOL  I cut up the larger branches with a bypass lopper and put everything in a big pile.

I filled a banana box up 6 times with the leaves and detritus that I was going to put in the back yard to mulch.  It took me 2.5 hours to get one pile completed, so I’ll have to work on it again next week or the next time the weather is above 30 degrees.

On the other hand, my finished product looked nice, as you can see below.  Just ignore the trash that I fished out of the pile, it’s two ceiling fans that we took out of the house, plus some pipes that have come from somewhere inside as well.  The truck belongs to my grandfather-in-law, somewhere on there is a DAV sticker.


I really do think my husband doesn’t know me at all, which is really odd considering we’ve been married for over 8 years.  While I was cleaning up the yard, he asked me if I was going to start bringing trash home in the van since I’m mulching the branches from the tree.  Please excuse me while I roll my eyes.  We’ll be making enough trash of our own 😉 Egg shells, coffee grounds (and tea bags), etc.

Anyway, I’m tired after my work in the yard, and I’m trying to do a few more things with my writing.  Watch me as I work at turning a part of my life around.  Of course, for some reason, I forgot that it started tomorrow, and I haven’t figured out what I want to change.

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