In other news: the CDC was right (maybe)

Last year, the CDC posted a blog entry about the Zombie Apocalypse (opens in a new window/tab).  No, they weren’t actually expecting zombies to pop out of the ground.  Instead, they were trying to make a point about being prepared for bad weather.

Then last week, I was reading an email from Natural News about the zombie apocalypse starting.  Curious, I read it and got a brief overview of the gory scene last week.  A naked man chewing the face off another naked man.  The author of the article on Natural News blamed the incident on too many pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.  I just took the article with a grain of salt.  I don’t always agree with everything on that website.

Then I got home, and found the same thing in the local paper.  Hmm, guess it’s true.

Now, they’re attributing the guy’s bad behavior to a drug.  I seem to remember a CSI episode like that.

Here’s CBS’s take on the incident.

Here’s ABC’s input.

On the other hand, the guy’s girlfriend said he doesn’t do drugs, that he seemed to be trying to turn his life around, and that he walked around with a Bible.  Instead, she theorizes that he had a voodoo curse placed on him.  One that made him act like that.

Maybe this is how it starts.

Or maybe this is just one more freakish incident in a week filled with a pot smoking mother who leaves her baby on the top of a car, a woman who masturbated for motorists on Highway 484 in Florida, a man sending dismembered body parts through the mail in Canada and an MSU student charged with killing someone before eating their heart and brain.

If you want more disturbing things that have been in the news, you can go to Dreamin’ Demon’s website. Warning, the site is graphic, but to me it’s like a train wreck – hard to look away.

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