Pete and Repeat sitting on a wall. Pete fell off. Who who was left?

Old joke, I know. My stepdad’s brother got his nickname from that joke.

Going through news sites tonight, I noticed an article about how Republicans never learn and will always repeat their failed and unpopular policies.

The article is here – (opens in a new window).

The author had some points about Republicans repeating policies over and over, whether or not they’re good ideas.  However, I’ve noticed that Democrats do the same thing.  Heck, right now many of our problems aren’t because the Republicans were blocking what the Democrats wanted to do.  Instead, members of both parties were acting like spoiled children and weren’t willing to compromise.  When your kids are fighting like this, you spank them and put them in a corner.

Not that I think spanking is going to help.  Some of them might even like that too much 😉 LOL

But maybe it’s time to send the message that we’re not happy with how our elected officials are acting.  We want them to play nice and cooperate.

It’s sad to say, I honestly don’t think that we’ll see cooperation any time soon.  Too many people are indifferent to what is going on, or listen to the finger pointing and believe that it’s the other party.

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