NDAA, Twitter and the Official Barack Obama Twitter Account

LOL for a bit tonight, I had second thoughts about a response I sent to a Tweet from the official Obama Twitter account.  It had a link to information about volunteering for his campaign for this next year.  But I went to the official Twitter account, and my response was lost among many stating they were going to devote their time to making him a one-term president.

My response was Hell NO because of the NDAA that he signed on Saturday (December 31).  On the face of it, the NDAA simply funds the Defense Department.  Sounds great, with all the soldiers that need paid, right?

Yet there was an insidious addition to the 2012 version of the bill.  This addition allows the government to arrest American citizens on American soil and hold them indefinitely.  Without trial.  Without legal resource.  All because they’re suspected to be a terrorist.

Let’s just make the Bill of Rights null and void, right?

Ben Franklin is often quoted as saying

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

In actuality, I found an article suggesting he didn’t write this quote, but someone else during the Revolutionary War.  Either way, it’s something for us to think about.

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