Bundling – As in Software Bundling

So it’s obviously no secret that pretty much any download site bundles software with other programs.  For example, you might install a program and be asked if you also want to install Google toolbar.  Of course, it’ll also hijack your home page and default search page, but that’s another story.  With all the additions attached to the software, I’ve seen it even called bloatware.

I assumed that the software publishers were the ones adding the bundles.  That is, I assumed so until last night when I was looking at headlines on PopURLs ( Opens in a new window).  According to one of the headlines in Hacker News, at least one software company didn’t want this bundling to happen.  CNET assumes that the users want this bundling to make their experience go more smoothly.

Here’s the link to the article on Hacker News. (Opens in  new window.)

Here’s the link to the article on Extreme Tech talking about CNet’s motivations. (Also opens in a new window.)

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