‘People who are truly thankful don’t complain.  They find a reason to be truly thankful.’

I don’t say much about going to church.  The pastor at my parents church said the above this last Sunday.  He also said:

‘Thankful people don’t hoard.’

We all have reasons to not be thankful.  We all have things that happen to us.  We all feel like we need to hoard things against a future need.  Yet we may or may not actually really need what it is we’re saving.  Instead, when we hoard things they start taking the place of things that should mean more to us.  Hoarding is the art of collecting without any interest in sharing.  If you’ve ever watched the TV show Hoarders, many times the things the person is hoarding start mattering more than their families.  So many of these people have made their kids feel unwanted because things were more important.

Around this time of Thanksgiving, we need to count our blessings for this last year.  Bad things will happen.  If we focus on the good, we’ll be happier overall.  We won’t forget the good in our lives and the things that truly matter.

One more quote:

‘Thankful people realize that today’s troubles will be tomorrow’s miracles.’

If you’re going through troubles, remember it won’t stay that way forever.  There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.  We’re always going to go through a hard time.  That’s how we grow and find ourselves.


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