Adobe, HTML5 and Mobile Flash

So, on Nov 9, Adobe announced they were no longer going to be developing Flash for mobile devices. Instead, they’d be concentrating on using Flash to support apps for the app stores. (Opens in a new window)

On the one hand, it’s great news for most mobile devices, including phones.  LOL except for those of us who are using very old devices that can’t be updated to use the latest browser.  My BlackBerry doesn’t like much, and I have to borrow my brother’s phone if I want to check my bank balance or something similar when I get paid.  (See the BlackBerry is not working clip posted last year sometime lol).

Now developers need to work toward doing more with HTML5 and ditching Flash.  It’s fairly well supported, and you don’t need to mess with learning iOS or anything else.  Just HTML5.  Which means you can develop one app and sell it in several places if that’s what your interest is.  Sounds good to me.

Oh wait, I don’t have time for something like that… or creativity lol.  I prefer to come up with story lines instead.  One of these days they’ll even make it into a book.

On that note, I’d best get some sleep.  Though I’m no longer lectured by my dear friend when I don’t, it makes for a very long day when I drive over an hour to my p/t job.  G’night all.  Dream well.

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