Don’tcha Know, Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution, Sounds Like a Whisper

With apologies to Tracy Chapman, it seems like the revolution has started not with a bang, but with a whisper.

Occupy Wall Street has been marching on Wall Street past the original 14 days planned.  They’re now coming up on 21 days – if I remember correctly.   Similar groups have been marching in other cities across the country.  They want to see real change.  They want to see those who caused the crash pay.  They want to see those who benefited from the crash pay as well.  Of course, in most instances the two are the same.

Members of my family who read my blog aren’t necessarily going to be happy with what I have to say next.

The Tea Party is partially responsible.  I’m not saying their entirely responsible, but the whole no-compromise thing? Yea, it’s not working.  It’s gridlocking the government.  Nothing is being done.  Instead, we’re heading into another recession, with many people not even having the base they did before the first one.  MarketWatch is calling this time lost decades, saying that 2000 to 2010 is a lost decade as well.  (source – opens in a new window)

I get very irritated at some members of my family who blame Obama for everything.  One of my brothers blamed Obama for the AT&T and T-Mobile merger not going through.  Uhh yea, he doesn’t have his hand in everything quite that much.

Does that mean I like who he’s appointed for some things like head of USDA? No, I absolutely don’t.  Even worse the person who is the head of the FDA.  Does that mean he tells them how he wants them to decide on issues?  In most cases, I’d say no.  I’d say he just went with who his backers wanted in those positions.  You know, like some of the bigger pharmaceutical companies wanting someone who was going to be soft on them as head of the FDA.  The companies trying to push genetically modified organisms (GMOs) would want someone soft on them as head of the USDA.

Does that mean I think Obama has done a (excuse the phrase) piss-poor job so far?

Yes and no.  I think he’s trying too hard to appease everyone.  I think he had good intentions with the healthcare bill, but the big pharma and insurance companies weren’t exactly going to let the government cap their profits with a true healthcare bill, and of course they had the ear of a number of congress-persons who were drafting the bill.  It is unacceptable that no one read the bill before passing it, especially Obama.

Want to know the worst of it? Conservative multi-millionaires are now buying offices.  Not for themselves, but they’re pretty much paying the campaign costs for any conservative that is running for office, especially in states that could be swing states.  Like North Carolina.  Check out what the New Yorker has to say about Art Pope. (new window).

I find that the scariest of all.  Even middle of the road, almost conservative democrats are having mud slung at them so a Tea Party republican can be put in.

The dirty politics?  I foresee a lot more marches.  And eventually more than simple marches.  It might truly be history in the making.  We may be watching the fall of America.

That’s even scarier than the dirty politics.

Now, I know my brother that reads my blog is going to say that I’m only reading liberal papers, and not the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox News.  Yet, Fox has nothing about the protests going on across the country.  Instead, the US News section has a number of articles about Amanda Knox coming home, and the Fast & Furious inquest.  Oops.  I’d think the Fast & Furious inquest should go under politics.

But then again, what do I know? It’s not like everyone’s unhappy with mostly the same thing when you tear away the politics of the issue.

Then again, there were a number of people who cheered at the Republican debate when someone said that we should let a 30 year old without insurance die rather than help him have some sort of insurance so he can go to the doctor.

That shows real heart, doesn’t it?

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