Facebook Changes – The Death of Privacy??

So I actually sat and watched most of the keynote address at Facebook’s F8 conference.  The beginning was interesting, with Andy Sandberg from SNL.  I honestly liked what Andy had to say more than what was said after.  Granted, some of it is going to be interesting… like the new timeline, but there’s going to be a lot of oversharing.  O.M.G. will there be a lot of oversharing.

They’ve worked with companies like Spotify, Netflix and Foodily, as well as a Nike app, to integrate with the timeline.  You’ll be able to link your Netflix account to your Facebook account and let your Facebook friends know what you’re watching.  You can choose once to share the information, and after that it’ll just automatically post without you having to do a thing.

Listening to music on Spotify? it’ll post that to your timeline and your friends’ tickers as well.  You grant it permission once and you’re done.  Just hope that you don’t listen to music that your family doesn’t like (I know my husband does lol), or music that others might find easy to make fun of – I wonder if Weird Al qualifies? 😉

But wait, there’s more.  If you run (or even walk or any other exercise outside), you can use a Nike GPS app to map your route and post that to your Facebook timeline.  Because letting your friends see where you run isn’t stalkerish at all.

Foodily lets your friends see what recipes you’re cooking for dinner.  Every time you log into Foodily, it can post to your friends’ tickers so they know what recipe you’re cooking.  The presentation made it out to be like having a number of friends making the same thing, but to me it just seems like a bit too much TMI.

If there’s a trend in what people are doing or watching, it will go from your friends’ timeline to their news feed.  Like if a bunch of friends are listening to Manic Monday (go Bangles) or a number of people are all watching movies with Jim Carey in them.  Or even a number of people all making the same recipe.

Speaking of TMI, your timeline will now go back to before you were on Facebook, you can post pictures and add information for everything that happened to you from the day you were born.  The demo for that showed Mark Zuckerberg’s date and place of birth, because obviously no one thought about the possibility of identity theft.  People can get close to your social security number just from knowing those 2 pieces of information.  Doh.

It’s going to be interesting to see if they change their privacy policy as well.  I know right now, several Zynga games are having issues if you use a secure login – so of course the suggested fix is to stop using secure login.  Maybe it should be stop playing the game instead.

I see them focusing more on people and less on the small businesses that are trying to use Facebook to grow.  The question remains whether these companies will adapt or if they’re going to stop using Facebook for their advertising.

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