Chaos or Precursor to Collapse?

I frequently read The Simple Dollar (opens in a new window).  Trent Hamm has a number of arguments for watching your spending, and very clear ideas on ways to save money and pay off debt.  He uses some of the tips from Dave Ramsey, but also pulls from other sources and tells what works for him.  One of my favorite of his weekly features is ’10 Pieces of Inspiration.’

This week, he linked to a speech given by historian Niall Ferguson at The TED Conference, called ‘6 Killer Apps of Prosperity.’ (link is to the official YouTube version of the speech).

One of his comments got me to thinking.  At about minute 17, he says something about the West collapsing on itself because many civilizations operate on the edge of chaos.  I look at our political system and see the chaos he’s talking about, but I wonder how close the chaos we see now is anything like the chaos that we would have seen 200 years ago, soon after the American Revolution and the founding of our country.  One question I’ve been thinking about since I heard the speech is to wonder whether we’ve fallen further into chaos over the last 100 years.  Prohibition, & gun running might come to mind initially, but what about the ‘Mountain Men’? What about people like Ted Kaczinski? The ones who don’t trust the government because it’s gotten too big? (too big to fail?? is there such a thing?).

I know my view might not be popular, but I foresee a revolution coming.  The second American Revolution will be as bloody as the first, with the heads of some of the bigger corporations like insurance and pharmaceutical companies being the ones that have the most problems or are the first targets.

I only hope I’m wrong.  I’d love to see this country right itself.  But, when the economy starts showing some improvement, the politicians need to keep their hands off.  When you start a fire, you don’t pile the logs on the glowing embers, you wait for the flames, for the fire to be ready for the logs.  I’m not taking aim at any one side, both sides are causing the problems and neither side is acting as part of the solution.

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