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When I first read about the phase out of Flash games, I started to wonder.  Many games on Facebook use Flash.  What would they do about casual gamers like those who play on Facebook?

Then I started reading this article (opens in a new window) where MMObility interviews the developers from Illyriad, who have a game out that doesn’t use Flash.

It seems when they first started developing their game, they realized that many people don’t have Flash.  Those that do, only have a certain version.  I know that it can be difficult to remain backward compatible with many Flash applications.  I haven’t done serious designing in a few years, but I remember my (then) supervisor creating a Flash intro to a website we were working on.  It worked great on his computer.  Not so much on mine since I had an earlier version of Flash.

Now, you can use HTML5 to do much of what you would have used Flash to do.  Most of the newer browsers will support HTML5 without a problem.

That’ll leave many more options for the casual gaming sites, and hopefully get rid of some of the bugs in the games.

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