Devastation Aftermath

Today on Facebook, my aunt posted a link to some pictures that someone else uploaded.  All of the pictures showed the aftermath of Irene in Vermont.  The aftermath is devastating.  The pictures are heartbreaking, though I’ll admit I have a soft spot for VT and most of New England.  None of the pictures were from the area I grew up in, but there were other cities I visited frequently while growing up.  One of the pictures made me wonder… I do have friends that I went to college with that still live in the area.  Heck, I have friends I went to high school with live in some of those other areas, but the ones that I know where they live, I also know how they’re doing because they’ve logged onto Facebook recently…

But what about the ones I’ve lost track of; the ones that I went to college with before I dropped out to get married?  I might be able to contact Kiff’s father who used to work at UVM (no, that’s not his real name, that’s his nickname), but what about some of the others whose names I barely remember?  What about the ones I worked with at Ames and Wendy’s and TJ Maxx that I don’t remember more than a first name if I remember any name at all?  There were also several MUDders who were from NH and VT, including the one who went by Erin (among other names, I seem to remember the name Caliban associated with that person as well), and ones from MA/RI/CT (Uhh Strider? and one other that was a fireman in RI), and ones from Canada who may or may not have been affected, though I’ve seen Humpty/Dumpty since then 🙂

I wonder in passing how they came through the storm, but I have no way of finding out about any other than possibly Kiff.  I do know that the area I grew up in has power, I see posts from friends and family that still live there.  I think everyone has power now, even if they’re working on cleanup.

My thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this storm.

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