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Obviously I haven’t posted in awhile.  About 2 months (I haven’t actually looked at the date of my last post).  In that time, I’ve had a lot going on.  I quit my job, which was making me miserable.  I moved halfway across the country.  I’ve been working part time for my brother while I look for a full time job in an area that doesn’t seem to have a lot of open jobs.  Of course, Enid never really had a lot of open jobs either.  I could get a job in a call center or a meat processing plant unless I wanted to work on an Air Force base or for some sort of retail store.

Instead, I moved closer to family.  I’ve been missing them anyway.  I just never realized how political they are.  It seems like they’re always talking politics.  I’m so far from that it’s not funny.  Not to mention, if I disagree with my stepdad about some of his opinions, I start hearing that I’m for big government, etc etc.  Uhh no, I just don’t happen to like listening to Rush Limbaugh.  He’s a blowhard, IMO, and just tries to be controversial to get ratings.  Not to mention, he’s not fully correct on some of his facts.  Like when he went off on someone this last Friday saying the rich are paying all of the taxes, that the low and middle class don’t pay any taxes.  Uhh no, it’s the upper middle class that pays all the taxes.  Anyone making under ~$40k gets back earned income credit (which can mean they get back more than they take in), but from what I can tell, those who earn more than ~$500k or so don’t pay as high a percentage as those making between $45k and $250k, there are too many tax loopholes.

So I put on my MP3 player and ignore a lot of the conversations.  It’s not that I’m trying to be rude, it’s that I prefer not to argue.  I’m horrible at arguments, I can’t think of a response fast enough.  That doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent, or that I’m bad with words.  It just means that I can’t come up with a good retort until several minutes later.  I can think quickly when it’s a simple question like Jeopardy or a knowledge bowl, but otherwise… I take after my mother.

I’m learning a few things as I look for a job.  I’m learning that there are ways for me to earn a living that aren’t a 9-5 job, and that I enjoy.  Like writing.  Store resets (which is just a generic term for going into a store and rearranging a department/section).  Warehouse work for my brother (he does vending machines, so there’s lots of ‘fast’ food available).  I’m learning that I have a lot of talents that I had forgotten when I was stuck with that job for so long.

My goal for the next 3 weeks – (other than the store reset on Wed and working for my brother on Thur and Fri):

Make at least $15 a day writing.  It honestly needs to be more, I should be making enough to cover my kids’ daycare costs.  Then all of my income from my brother would go toward getting us a place.  Living with my parents is difficult at times. (My brother reads my blog occasionally, and I know he’d try to argue with me, but that’s because he’s contrary… hmm sometimes I’m just like him lol I can argue on things that aren’t important to me, but then I’m just saying the first thing that comes to mind).

My other goal is much more with regards to my health.  I need to take better care of myself and stop letting the little things get to me.  Focusing on the important things is the best way to get through life.

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