Sinister, creepy and dangerous, or bumbling pickup artist?

Monday, when I went for a walk at lunch, I had someone start talking to me.  I responded, but kept walking.  He asked if I was single, I said no, and he said something about ‘Lucky guy’ when he walked off.  I brushed it off as someone just trying to meet people.

Today, I received 2 separate emails about a guy around town that is striking up conversations with women.  Some report that he asks if they’re single and seems to lose interest when they walk off.  Others have said that he’s followed them home from work.  Attached to the email is a picture of the back of the guy taken when he showed up at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday.

The picture looks remarkably like the guy that started talking to me on Monday.

The emails came from 2 different sources, one of whom is the woman who runs the Farmer’s Market in town.  The other email is from the bank where our overflow parking lot is – the parking lot next to the building is too small to hold everyones’ cars.

The guy has been reported to the police.  However, since he hasn’t done anything, they can’t do anything.

I’m a bit creeped out this afternoon.  If it weren’t for the reports of him following people home, I’d think that he’s just trying to find a new way to pick-up women. 

We live in a scary world.

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