Enid Flooding Darwin Awards

I started writing this before I realized that I knew who was driving the car on the front page of last Friday’s newspaper.

We’ve been under drought conditions, though we weren’t under a burn ban like the southern part of OK.  Thursday after my daughter’s t-ball game, we got rain.  Though the rain was very welcome, the ground was too hard to absorb much of the rain that fell during the thunderstorms.  So, many streets were covered in water.  There are several under-passes in town where you really have to be careful.  I know for sure that one of the streets has a sign in the middle where you can see how high the water is. (opens in a new window)

If you look at the bottom 2 pictures, these pictures were taken several hours after the SUV was stuck in the water.

At work today, I found out that the driver of the SUV was someone I used to work with.  She was driving to work at 5 a.m. and knew there was a problem when her Yukon when she felt it starting to float.  So she rolled down the windows, climbed out and sat on the roof until the cops showed up.  They told her to swim for it.  From what I heard, the water covered her roof.

Now, I understand it was dark, but she really should have paid a bit more attention or chosen another route to work.

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