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No, this post isn’t going to be about what you’d think at first.  There was actually an article on Yahoo! news about getting married online.  That people are getting married in person, then having their characters in online games get married on the game.  Yahoo! is treating it as something new.

I guess they don’t count weddings on MUDs since they’re not graphic MMOs.  Yet, I know they were having weddings on Apoc before I started playing there in ’94.  I remember playing Realms of Despair in ’95 or ’96 and they had weddings on there as well if I remember correctly.  It’s been a few years now.

After reading the article, the only thing I saw that stuck with me was the link to the YouTube video where they held the wedding on a PVP/PKill server – I think on World of Warcraft.  I giggled a little because I remember how upset I used to get on Apoc.  They may not have allowed player killing except on certain nights, but stealing from other players was allowed more often.  And of course, if memory serves, one of the … I won’t say best PThieves, but definitely one of the most prolific was played by none other than SaTaN himself (or the guy who also played the character on Apoc named SaTaN).  I often wonder how he’s doing, and some of the other higherups that were around when Shar was a little mort.

Now that Mozilla spellcheck has gone crazy.  It’s bedtime.  Laterness.


3 Responses to “Gaming and Marriage”

  1. Wolverine

    Heh, I miss those days, I know I performed quite a few of those “weddings” myself. 🙂

  2. Shar

    I miss those days too. Lately the MUD has just seemed too quiet 🙂

  3. Riverkid

    Oh how those days seem so long ago.


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