Things that go Bump in the Night

One of the girls at the office (I’ll call her M) doesn’t like staying alone late at the office at night.  George is supposed to be the ghost of a man that fell down the elevator shaft in our building in the early 20th century.  We actually still use the same elevator today, or at least one of the elevators that we use is in the same elevator shaft where George died.

I don’t remember all of the particulars about George tonight, though I will look them up for my next post.  However, I heard something from another coworker (I’ll call him E) that has been working evenings because he goes to school in the mornings…

A few months ago, the purchasing department put in automatic dispensers with sanitizing foam (Purell).  There’s one on the wall across the aisle from my desk.  There’s also one in the hallway outside of our office door.  E said that some nights you can hear the sanitizer in the hall go off even though everyone has gone home for the night.

M says she often gets internal calls from inside the building, but no one’s there when she picks up.

Some mornings, the early shift comes in to all the lights on the floor being on even though M says she turns off the lights before she goes home.

I really think the purchasing department put the sanitizer dispensers up to entertain George, since he’s fairly well known in the city.  The symphony shares a building with us, and the head of the symphony has seen him.  He’s even been written about in the paper.

Kinda makes you go hmm.

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