Ups and Downs

So obviously I haven’t been posting much lately.  We started a new paper route, a different paper route and it seems like I have less time than ever.  It’s honestly just that I’m poorly managing my time.  I’m working at getting better… starting with the extra coupons that we end up with from the new route.  The week before last, it was 97 sets of coupons.  I’m having a hard time throwing them away, though I suspect I will throw away a large number once I’ve given them to people on the MSN money board I post to… I may go to HotCouponWorld as well to give away more there.  I’m not sure what their rules are.  I haven’t told my hubby I’ll be throwing away that many, tho he’s ready for them to be gone.

Then there’s how the last few Tuesdays have gone… the day after Labor Day, my supervisor/coach had a heart attack.  She survived, and had open heart surgery that Friday.

The following Tuesday, I found out that a very dear friend that I met on eDiets is losing her fight against cancer.  The cancer has spread and she’s been placed on pallative care, mostly to keep her comfortable… My heart breaks for her daughters who are in their mid-20’s.  My heart breaks for her… There’s so much sadness, I’m at a loss for words.  Her situation has made me start to take better care of myself.  I realize that it’s up to me to be healthy and be around for my kids unless something unforeseen happens.

The third Tuesday, a former coworker died.  She had issues with her colon in 2007, and she never fully recovered.  She could only eat through a feeding tube since May 2006, so she fought a good fight.  Her sickness hit me in 2007 because it was less than 6 months after one of my closest friends died from advanced Crohn’s disease.

There are ups in my life as well, like how cute my almost 2 year old is getting… he likes to climb into my bed after I make it.  He pulls back the blankets, then says ‘night night,’ lays on the pillow and pretends to snore.  He also likes walking around in his sister’s play high heel shoes, we’re trying to break him of that little trick.

The new paper route is a definite up, though it leaves me little time to myself some days.

The job is a definite down, but mostly because we’re getting swamped and hearing contradicting rumors.  That we won’t have a job after the first, that we will have a job after the first but we’ll have to move to one of the plants.  I’m finding that I’m developing ‘short timer syndrome’ but I’ll get through it.

My daughter is a definite up, she’s learning her letters and the sounds they make at the beginning of words.  I’m working with her when she’s wrong, but it’s always so amazing watching them learn to read.

The other definite up is how proud I am of my oldest.  I may not talk to him much, but he knows when to post to me on Facebook and make me feel like he understands me when my husband rolls his eyes.  Then again, my husband isn’t into sci-fi so much, so he rolls his eyes a lot at the things I say LOL.

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