A Place to Escape

Though the writing is still slow, I’m spending a lot of time doing nothing much in particular, especially since I bought a laptop from work (they upgraded everyone’s computer to a Windows 7 box, I got a very good deal.  I still need to fix my other laptop, but it’s no longer as urgent).  I end up sitting in the recliner, rocking my son to sleep, and multi-tasking.  Generally surfing websites or playing games on Facebook and watching tv.

The question remains, since Apoc used to be my place to escape, why don’t I log on more frequently?

When I went so long without Internet last year, I allowed my characters to rent-die (don’t tell me about MUDs that don’t have rent, I’ve tried them and lost interest).  After they rent-died, I figured I might as well reroll anyway.  The characters were over 50 and just getting old.  Plus, my thief was only level 11.

So now I have a dilemma, my cleric is level 12 or so, but I’m having trouble getting the stats I want for an AP (Anti-Paladin).  With few people on much of the time, I’m not sure if I should continue to try to roll an AP or to try to roll a Thief since that’s what I’m now most familiar with playing.

I’m thinking AP still, even though I won’t be able to make the same types of runs that I made with the Thief.  I think perhaps I should try to roll an AP this weekend while I’m designing my new site that didn’t get done last weekend.  If I don’t get the stats I want, maybe I should consider Thief after all.


3 Responses to “A Place to Escape”

  1. Tim Russell

    Man, apocalypse is still around? I figured it would have died by now… nice to see that it still has a life – and followers – in this world with WoW and friends.

    I say, AP – always worked for me 🙂

  2. Shar

    LOL yea, I created an AP, but think I need to reroll (I’m only level 1). I don’t like the dex I got. The other stats are pretty good.

  3. oscar and brandy

    Hey Shar ill be playing again soon im just super busy trying to finish school and stuff. Id say stay thief and ill power level it for you when i see you on. I have to reroll brandy as a cleric anyways, i just over the summer rerolled oscar and lvld him to 40 necro and didnt have time to reroll brandy yet. I just switched over allmost all my ports got a few left to do and then ill be ready. Ill porly be back on around october 20th or so since im on the road atm. Well take care and ill see ya in game soon =)

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